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Amazon reviews for To Be a Pilgrim

To be a Pilgrim is a short book, but full of long journeys - from childhood to adulthood, from darkness to understanding, from life to death. The point of a pilgrimage is less the destination, more about the journey, and the transforming effect that long hard journeys can have on us.

There is more than a hint of Milton and Shakespeare - though every poem feels entirely of the present day.  

David Orme

.....the opening lines fool you into a sense of simplicity, like a matthew arnold or a robert frost, then it hits you that this is something deeply symbolic and meaningful, rich with metaphor and clever witicisms that sink in the more times you read the book. well worth buying, reading and re-reading.   

P. Jones

This is a splendid collection of poems that are wry and sombre but also wise, and all expressed in highly appropriate forms of metre and rhyme for their content. A deep vision of truths we all want to deny, but as Sale shows, it is only by facing them that we find hope. 

T. Woodman