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THE LYRE SPEAKS TRUE is James Sale’s most significant collection of poetry to date in a writing career spanning 50 years. More well known as a management consultant than as a poet,  yet quietly and determinedly over that period, he has consistently followed the Muse and developed his poetry from tuning in to her voice.

For James poetry is about spiritual pursuit in exploring the two great themes of love and death; and in doing so to create clarity and beauty.


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The Society of Classical Poets

Prose Award First Place: “Poetry and the Muses” 

Parts 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 by James Sale 

"Reading The Lyre Speaks True is akin to being invited to tour and taste at a vineyard. James enthusiastically and unashamedly employs form, meter, rhyme and rhythm in his poetry.  His poems are crafted, laid down and matured – there is no “plonk” here!  He writes about contemporary themes, shares personal experiences and explores spiritual issues with a light touch.  Lyre Speaks True is the type of collection to which one returns again and again.  Poetry that is moving, inspiring and deeply satisfying.” Paul Canon Harris, writer and broadcaster, UK

"Where is beauty today? At a time when it seems merely an elusive myth, James Sale brings us beautiful poetry with the zest of epic, the lilting joy of rhyme, and the spirit of compassion. He dives headlong into richly spiritual subject matters— an encounter with Apollo and his lyre, Noah and his ark, or the Emerald Buddha and his throne— yet also brings us down to earth with his uplifting, personal narrative, which is marked by his beating cancer and raising numerous sons. His poetry emanates hope and contains a rare and potent clarity. Convincingly, he never hides the pain and suffering that is part of life. He grasps his world, or our world, and briefly transcends it.” Evan Mantyk, President, Society of Classical Poets, USA