James Sale Poetry

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James has been writing poetry for 50 years now and has been extensively involved in many aspects of it, as well as writing it!

He has performed his poetry at small and large, formal and informal venues in London and the South of England, including in the 80s at the Apollo Theatre on the Isle of Wight, and more recently at The Mad Cucumber vegan restaurant in Bournemouth.  He has run poetry and writing workshops for young students and adults: at, for example, The Southampton Writers’ Conference, and at The Royal Festival Hall for the Shell Young Poet of Year celebratory event. He has been into dozens of schools and entertained, taught and encouraged children in the classroom and in their assemblies. He has organised major poetry events, including Poetry Carnival UK in 1985 in which, over  2 days and evenings,  4000 people attended to see the leading poets of the day, including the Liverpool Poets, Anne Stevenson, Gavin Ewart, George Macbeth and dozens more, perform and run workshops.

James has also been heavily involved in publishing poetry. He was a co-founder and director of the KQBX Press, which published dozens of poets before it closed in the late 90s, including: Sean Street, Michael Henry, Brian Hinton, Sarah Hopkins, and Helen Flint. He has adjudicated many poetry competitions, including at various times for the Christchurch, Poole and Bournemouth Writers’ Circles. Also, he has been extensively published in writing poetry books for schools; many of these, but not all, co-written with his friend,  David Orme. These books were so successful they often went to three volumes: The Poetry Show (Macmillan) and Poetry Street (Longmans) being great examples.

Most recently his poems have appeared in the UK in many magazines. He won 2nd Prize in The Society of Classical Poets (New York) 2014 Annual Poetry Competition and was subsequently invited to join their Advisory Board. He has had over 300 blogs published, many on literary themes and reviews, online as well as in magazines; he is an accredited 'Diamond Author' - their highest level - with ezine.com, the world's largest online article provider.

Finally, the Bournemouth Yellow Buses company selected James as one of their poets of the month as part of their marketing campaign around the town in 2016.

His poems and literary work have appeared in the UK:

Bournemouth Library Wall and website

Bournemouth Yellow Buses

Bright Star Anthology – Poems by and about John Keats, Winchester County Council

The Dawntreader

DOG – St David’s University College Literary magazine


Heavenly Hymns: the 10th International Collection of English Poems




The Little Word Machine


New Hope International


Penny Poems

PN Review

Quaker News and Views

The Schools Poetry Review

Terrible Work

The Third Half

Towards Wholeness

In 2017 there was a 2-week exhibition of his work at The Hatch Gallery, Christchurch.

In the USA:

Ancient Paths Literary Magazine

Anglo Theological Review

The Art Times Journal

Bible Advocate

Epoch Times (New York)

New Poetry

The Society of Classical Poets

Second Prize in The Society of Classical Poets annual Competition 2015  

First Prize in The Society of Classical Poets annual Competition 2017

Prose Award First Place: “Poetry and the Muses” Parts 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4